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  3. 'Dewey Defeats Truman': The Election Upset Behind the Photo
  4. Truman defeats Dewey, can he replace Blair? - Kansas City Business Journal

The first big difference between and We have a lot more pollsters now. Clinton leads Trump by about 7 percentage points nationally in the FiveThirtyEight polls-only forecast.

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That estimate comes from hundreds of state and national polls , and dozens of pollsters. The final Crossley poll also had Dewey up by 5.

Truman Beats Dewey - Decades TV Network

When you average all the pollsters in October , Truman was down by 3. All but the Survey Research Center stopped polling the race by Oct. Had they kept polling, they might not have been caught flat-footed.

Truman defeats Dewey

The lack of late-stage polling in makes the polling error that year at least a little more explainable. The final polling average was off by 8 percentage points Truman won by 4. If pollsters had stopped surveying the race between the second and third presidential debates, for example, the polls would have been off by more than 8 points. Donaldson focuses on why Truman won rather than on how Dewey lost. An excellent study.

'Dewey Defeats Truman': The Election Upset Behind the Photo

Unlike earlier studies of the election, this book examines the tactics of the Republican Party. Argues that Dewey did nearly as much to lose the election as Truman did to win it.

Shows that the election had less to do with folklore than with conventional political maneuverings, appeals to the normal components of the Democratic coalition assembled by Franklin D. Roosevelt, bruising battles over the shape of the post-New Deal, postwar political economy, and rising Cold War tensions.


Offers surveys of two areas that are often omitted from the story of —an excellent section on the role of Americans for Democratic Action ADA and their abandonment of Henry Wallace for his procommunist leanings, and a strong piece on the attempt to euchre Dwight D. Eisenhower into running for president some four years before he planned on doing so.

Truman defeats Dewey, can he replace Blair? - Kansas City Business Journal

Donaldson provides persuasive analyses of postwar politics, the tactics of contending political parties that marked the breakup of the old FDR New Deal coalition after WWII. An excellent history of a remarkable event in a tumultuous time in America. Here in painstaking, exhaustive detail are the election's competing strategies, ideological party divisions, shifting political alliances and clash of issues.

Significantly, the author shows how the well-known split from the Democratic party of segregationalist Dixiecrats and Communist sympathizers actually contributed to Truman's victory by dislodging extremists, thereby boosting his mainstream appeal.

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Donaldson takes a fresh look not only at how Truman took the race but at what Dewey did or didn't do that made him lose the election. Should replace previously published popular works dealing with the election. Solid political history. A nitty-gritty political handbook to the issues of the election of An engaging narrative, which also provides a framework for making claims about the changing nature of liberalism in the postwar years. Donaldson deserves substantial credit for combing far-flung manuscript collections and writing a genuine page-turner. Comprehensive in its examination of major U.

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