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A skirmish involving over 3, soldiers, Philippi was the first battle of the civil war. Also known as First Manassas, the first major engagement of the civil war.

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Lee through three mountain passes during the Maryland Campaign. Two years after the Siege of Corinth, Maj. General William S.

Rosecrans defeated the Confederate Army. The culmination of the Stones River Campaign, the battle of Stones River had the highest casualty rates on both sides. Union Major General Philip H. Major General William T. Sherman took on Joseph E. Johnston during the Atlanta campaign.

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The battle of Nashville was the last major battle in the Western Theater and a major victory for the Union. Subscribe and save! April 22 - Robert E. Lee accepts command of Virginia forces. May 6 - Arkansas and Tennessee adopt Ordinances of Secession.

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Tennessee schedules a referendum for June 8. June 2 - P. June 8 - Tennessee voters approve referendum to secede. June 16 - Thaddeus Lowe demonstrates the potential of hot air balloons to the government in Washington, D. July 31 - Ulysses S. Grant promoted to brigadier general. August 5 - President Lincoln signs the Revenue Act of into law, creating the first national income tax in American history. August 10 - Battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri. Navy, USS St. Louis , launched at Carondelet Missouri.

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November 2 - General John C. Fremont removed from command of the Department of the West by President Lincoln. November 21 - Judah P.

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Benjamin confirmed as Confederate Secretary of War. November 28 - Missouri admitted to the Confederacy despite never officially seceding from the Union. February 14 - Union ironclad gunboats attack Fort Donelson, Tennessee. February 15 - All-out Confederate counter-attack at Fort Donelson.

Civil War "From All Sides" 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg unaired TV Special

February 16 - Fort Donelson surrenders unconditionally to Ulysses S. He had been serving as the Confederacy's provisional president since February March 6 - Lincoln asks Congress to provide funds to states willing to begin the gradual abolition of slavery. April 8 - Island No. April 10 - Congresses passes Lincoln's suggested resolution offering financial aid to those states willing to begin the gradual abolition of slavery.

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Philip, 70 miles below New Orleans, Louisiana. June 12 - J. Stuart begins his "Ride Around McClellan". June 16 - Engagement at Secessionville, South Carolina. Farragut's deep water fleet. July 29 - Belle Boyd, Confederate spy, captured. September 17 - Battle of Antietam Sharpsburg , Maryland. September 17 - Munfordville, Kentucky surrenders to Confederate forces.

September 27 - One of the first Federal regiments of black soldiers is organized in New Orleans, Louisiana. October 10 - Jefferson Davis asks Virginia to draft 4, blacks to complete fortifications at Richmond. December 7 - Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas. December 11 to 15 - The Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

January 1 - Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation goes into effect. President Lincoln also calls for regulation of the national currency. March 3 - Abraham Lincoln signs the Conscription Act, creating the first national military draft in American history. The ship's crew scuttles the vessel in order to keep it from falling into Confederate hands. March 17 - Engagement at Kelly's Ford, Virginia.

March 26 - West Virginia votes for gradual emancipation in the state. May 10 - Death of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. May 19 - First assault on Vicksburg, Mississippi. May 22 - Siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana begins. June 7 - Battle of Milliken's Bend, Louisiana. June 23 - Tullahoma Campaign begins in Middle Tennessee. Meade replaces Joseph Hooker as head of the Army of the Potomac. July 1 - Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania begins.

July 4 - Confederates surrender Vicksburg, Mississippi. July 18 - Assault on Battery Wagner, led by the 54th Massachusetts. October 14 - Battle of Bristoe Station, Virginia. October 19 - Cavalry engagement known as the Buckland Races, Virginia. October 28 - Engagement at Wauhatchie, Tennessee.

November 4 - Knoxville Campaign begins. November 7 - Battle of Rappahannock Station, Virginia. November 19 - President Lincoln delivers the "Gettysburg Address". November 24 - Battle of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. November 25 - Battle of Missionary Ridge, Tennessee. February 2 - Southern navy captures U. February 17 - Confederate submarine H.

Hunley sinks the USS Housatonic. February 29 - George Custer's cavalry fights skirmishes during a raid on Albermarle County, Virginia.