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What Does the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Mean in 12222
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You have to put in more effort to maintain the relationship and open communication is essential. Practise endurance and understanding to avoid further cracks in the relationship. In this year of conflict with Tai Sui, pay extra attention to your health as you might easily get sick and take a longer time to recover.

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Always be vigilant and alert on the road to avoid any accidents. In addition, avoid visiting a patient in the hospital or attending a funeral, otherwise your health luck will get even worse. Participate in more recreational activities and celebrations to improve your health luck. Stay safe and be aware of your surrounding when you are travelling overseas for either leisure or business.

Wealth luck is moderate and main income is stable. There might be unexpected expenses, so take extra caution to budget your finance and spend within your means, save up for rainy days. Your windfall luck is lacking, so involving yourself in any speculation and gambling might get you into a financial crisis. You will face obstruction and stress at work and in your career, so stay in low profile to avoid gossip and take this chance to improve the human relations. The chance of switching jobs is high because you always feel that everything is not going smoothly in your current job.

For those in business, this is a year of defence, take this chance to strengthen your skill for the future.

12222 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Rabbit

For those already in a steady relationship, wedding bells are ringing and for married couple, watch out and avoid extra-marital affairs. Your health outlook is looking gloomy in year It will also affect your work performance and need you to pay more attention to your health condition. Take extra caution in whatever you do, especially on the road. Do not drive with fatigue to avoid any traffic accident or injuries. Rejoice as you have a positive fortune outlook for the year and wealth luck is prosperous with plentiful income accumulation and frequent windfall gains.

For investment, put your money into long term one and avoid illegal or high risk financial activities as these are unlikely to be paid off. Beside this, you should also refrain from lending money to others. For those who are employed, there will be a high chance of career advancement and pay increment. For those in business, take this chance to venture out and expand your business. However, bear in mind to stay away from any ventures that is illegal as you are more prone to legal entanglement this year. Peach blossom luck is strong this year and love relationship will be full of surprises and excitement.

For those in a relationship, it is time to take things to the next level and ring the wedding bell. For married Rabbits, you will get along well easily with your other half this year and be appreciative to each other.

Your Chinese Zodiac forecast for the Year of the Earth Pig is here

If you have the time and money, you may travel for holiday to enjoy the good life together. Health outlook is generally pleasant and even if you suffer from illness, everything will turn out good eventually without any major issue. You might have the tendency to skip meals for work, so you must take care of yourself to progress in the long run. You should however pay more attention to food hygiene to avoid food poisoning or digestive problem. Adapt a healthy lifestyle, exercise more to generate more positive energy and do not overwork. It is a year of rejoice as you will have plentiful of wealth opportunities and most of them come from assistance from Noble people.

Horoscope for Rabbit, Chinese New Year Horoscope for Rabbit for the Yellow Earth Pig Year

Windfall luck is also on your side in , but do not be too greedy because if you are addicted to gambling for fast money gains, you will suffer serious losses in the end. Stay prudent and save up for the rainy days. The outlook for Tiger seems favourable, bringing positive effects and things will go smoothly as planned.

Recognition, promotion or a pay increment is likely for salaried employees. This is a good time for new business ventures or expansion as opportunities lies everywhere but you must take action and grab it. Those who are already in love will enjoy good relationships and it is a good time to ring the wedding bell, so start to plan it now.

For married couple, you can expect new member into your family. Family life is busy but you will feel the warmth and love. For singles, this will be the right year for you and there is a high chance to find your other half. Pay attention to your lifestyle habits and what you eat. Do not overwork. Your money luck is flowing smoothly and is the year for you to make a good financial gains, especially you will have a lot of support and assistance from helpful people around you.

Your wealth opportunities does not only come from your career or business, but also from alternative source of incomes, like part-time business, investment. But do not be too greedy and speculate in high risk investment. For those who are employed, luck is on your side and you will enjoy promotions and salary increment with aid from benefactors. Remember to seize the opportunity that comes your way to show leadership and get promoted. It also bring development and wealth to those in business.

However, you should lay a strong foundation either in your job or business and should not take short cut to achieve what you want. As much as the is promising year for the Ox career, this is not necessarily true with regard to his relationship. Thus, the Ox who are married or attached might have the temptation to replace love with work, so take note and spend more time with your loved ones. There might be much obstacles in your intimate love relationship, so try to communicate well and understand each other to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and disputes.

In , Ox friends are affected by some inauspicious stars and will be in unfavourable health condition and easily feel stressed due to the increased workload. It will even make you feel uncomfortable when sleeping or eating, so take good care of yourself. Therefore it is advisable to maintain good diet habits and inject an active lifestyle into your daily routine.

It will be good to allocate some time to go for holiday to relax and rejuvenate. Rat Chinese horoscope wealth luck will be just like a roller coaster ride since you will be impacted by the negative effect of the inauspicious stars, so this is the year to relook into your money matter, clearing all debts and minimise all unwanted expenses to avoid any financial crisis. Focus more on your career as this is the area that will bring in income for you, instead of engaging in any speculative activities, high risk investment or gambling.

You will tend to get support and help easily from your peers and superior and your career will be smooth sailing with recognition, promotion and advancement in But stay humble and do not neglect other people feeling by acting selfishly to advance in the career ladder.

If you are always looking out for a new job, this year might be a good time to start actively job hunting and the result will be promising. Good news for all those singles who are looking for their other half, because you have exceptionally good luck with the opposite gender, so keep yourself busy with social activities and not staying at home. For married couple, this year you tend to attract more opposite gender to come close to you, so do not be too enthusiastic otherwise you might have the tendency of an extramarital affairs. Pay more attention and communicate more to your spouse to avoid any emotional breakdown.

You tend to have minor illness and fatigue due to the busy work schedule. Always adopt a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle with exercise regime in place. Pinterest reveals most popular health and wellness trends of The 20 most searched movies of Your horoscope is here. This article was provided by Feng Shui Beginner.

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    Therefore, it will be beneficial if you can meet with your partner face-to-face instead of through email or text. Thus, the health of the Rabbit may be more delicate this year and you will have to be more diligent when it comes to health matters. Stress and emotional health are the most important for you as it could affect your work life. Thus, it is important that the Rabbit finds other outlets to release tension and express themselves creatively. Be vigilant about your health, especially about your diet.

    You may be prone to overindulging in the year of the Pig so it is important to be cautious. While the Rabbit may feel empowered by the good fortune in the other areas of their life, they should approach matters of finance and money carefully. This may not be a good period for you to invest. Your income will flow in steadily and slowly — do not feel that you need to hasten to bolster it.

    Avoid being too reckless or impractical. Instead, enjoy the wealth and fortune you already have. Do not make promises on finances to others.

    Rabbit 2019 Astrology Forecast

    Consider turning to others for advice on how to save money. Those born in the year of the Snake can be good advisors. Click here to find out the forecast of another zodiac. Quality teak wood furniture in clean, timeless, Scandinavian designs. By Scanteak. What's Trending.